With Sheikh Taleb

Ruqyah Shariah is an Islamic practice providing healing of the body, mind and soul. Ruqyah Shariah requires Quranic recitation and supplication, therefore proving it be a powerful method in restoring and strengthening a person’s faith and practice in Islam.

When utilised correctly, Ruqyah is an effective aid for persons experiencing jinn possession, evil eye, envy, black magic etc. Ruqyah can be performed on oneself or with the help of a qualified Raqi.

A Raqi is a skilled Islamic practitioner who applies Ruqya to diagnose and treat patients from such ailments.

Ruqyah Treatment

It is strongly advised when seeking the assistance of a Raqi no shirk is included at any time during the Ruqyah. Shirk is strongly prohibited in Islam, as it involves worshipping, calling, or attributing anything or anyone besides Allah for help.

It is also imperative to understand that although Ruqyah is a means of shifa’a (healing) the shifa’a is only when Allah Subhanaho wa Ta’ala wills it.

Sheikh Taleb a UK resident originally from Yemen is a highly qualified Raqi, treating people with Ruqyah Shariah for over 30 years. To learn more about Sheikh Taleb and the Ruqyah services please click on the ABOUT link above.

Sheikh Taleb


Sheikh Taleb is originally from Yemen who now resides permanently in the UK. Sheikh Taleb is a raqi with over 30 years of experience in the field of Ruqyah Shariah. The Sheikh’s extensive knowledge of Ruqyah Shariah has allowed him to help people in many countries specific to the following issues.

  • 1 Jinn Possession
  • 2 Evil Eye
  • 3 Envy
  • 4 Black Magic