About Us

Sheikh Taleb


Sheikh Taleb is originally from Yemen who now resides permanently in the UK. Sheikh Taleb is a raqi with over 30 years of experience in the field of Ruqyah Shariah. The Sheikh’s extensive knowledge of Ruqyah Shariah has allowed him to help people in many countries specific to the following issues.

  • 1 Jinn Possession
  • 2 Evil Eye
  • 3 Envy
  • 4 Black Magic
  • (Please note these matters can hinder a persons work and everyday life)

Sheikh Taleb’s Ruqyah Services is strictly by means of Ruqyah Shariah (Quran and Sunnah). The session times vary according to the person and condition. Advice and recommendation of what the person should do in between the Ruqyah sessions will be addressed by the Sheikh to aid in the healing process.

In addition to the Ruqyah services provided, read on water, olive oil, herbs and the use of nigella black seeds are readily available and are commonly used to help the healing process. The herbs are approved by muslim scholars and are also available to purchase in the online store.

Sheikh Taleb is based in the UK, however travels to clients around the world requiring his services of Ruqyah Sharia.

It is imperative to understand that although Ruqyah Shariah is a means of healing the oppressed and an afflicted person, the shifa’a ( healing) is when Allah Subhanaho wa Ta’ala wills it.

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